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Committed to continuous innovation in oncology care.

Committed to continuous innovation in oncology care.

We are building an ecosystem of products that we believe will change how cancer is treated and managed.

StemPrintER is a proprietary 20-gene test that leverages the biology of stem cells to predict cancer recurrence risk.

Based on published research, several of the 20 genes display a connection to metastatic dissemination through their role in matrix degradation, migration, invasion and engraftment.

“Stemness” Markers

Cancer stem cells are a critical subpopulation of tumor cells that can drive tumor growth and resistance to therapy.1

“Stemness” Signature

The evaluation of “stemness” in patient tumors may have important implications for oncology treatment planning.2

IEO Clinical Cohort

Analysis of a serial cohort of patients from the IEO clinic in Milan demonstrated that StemPrintER can stratify breast cancer patients according to their risk of cancer recurrence.3

TransATAC Cohort

Analysis of StemPrintER in the TransATAC cohort demonstrated its prognostic utility: Patients with a SPRS Low result have significantly better outcomes than patients with a SPRS High result.4