May 31, 2023

AccuStem Announce Strategic Clinical and Operational Partnership

AccuStem Announce Strategic Clinical and Operational Partnership

London, UK and Phoenix, AZ (May 31, 2023)- AccuStem Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: ACUT), a clinical stage diagnostics company dedicated to improving outcomes for patients with cancer, today announced a strategic plan to further develop and operationalize the StemPrintER assay.

The 20-gene StemPrintER test stratifies patients with early stage breast cancer according to their recurrence risk. The test is intended to measure the “stemness” of tumors, or how much they behave like stem cells, which may indicate the likelihood of cancer progression and response to standard treatment modalities. Studies published in peer-reviewed journals have shown that StemPrintER is highly prognostic, with “high stemness” patients up to 4 times as likely to experience a distant recurrence as “low stemness” patients.

AccuStem has signed an agreement with a leader in the genomic testing space that will support further clinical validation of the StemPrintER with the goal of operationalizing the assay in their laboratory. The partnership will leverage the similarity in platforms, technologies and human capital at both companies.

“We have demonstrated the strong prognostic utility of StemPrintER across multiple prospective clinical trials,” said Wendy Blosser, Chief Executive Officer of AccuStem. “For the next stage of development, we are excited to further establish StemPrintER’s utility in informing surgical, radiological and other treatment decisions for patients with breast cancer.”

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AccuStem is a clinical stage diagnostics company dedicated to optimizing outcomes and quality of life for all patients with cancer. We plan to drive innovation in healthcare by offering proprietary molecular testing that addresses unmet clinical needs from cancer screening through treatment and monitoring. By interrogating novel disease pathways, such as tumor “stemness”, we believe our tools will help care teams better understand the biology of each patient’s cancer, leading to more informed decision making. For more information, please visit

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