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StemPrintER and SPARE

  • Superior assay based on a stemness signature genes for early prediction of ER+/HER2‐ recurrence of breast cancer
  • A side‐by‐side comparison study showed StemPrintER assay outperforms Oncotype DX assay by 40% in analysis with 800+ samples from ER+/HER2- postmenopausal breast cancer patients
  • Second generation ‘SPARE’ Model is 40-50% more accurate than standard clinical markers in analysis with 1800+ samples for prediction of distant metastasis

StemPrintER is a multi-gene prognostic assay intended for the prediction of breast cancer recurrence in estrogen receptor-positive HER2-negative patients, based on the detection of 20 cancer stem cell markers. The assay has been evaluated in a retrospective validation study of approximately 2,400 breast cancer patients. Multigene prognostic tests can assist decision making on treatments, differentiating low risk patients who could be spared chemotherapy from higher risk patients who might benefit from chemotherapy.

Two posters were selected for presentation at virtual ASCO 2020 Conference. Data demonstrating the superiority of StemPrintER versus the market leader, Oncotype DX, was presented at the virtual ASCO 2020 conference.

A second generation StemPrintER model (SPARE) with refined accuracy of distant recurrence was also presented at the ASCO 2020 meeting.

StemPrintER presentation

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